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2023!! Psyche has now been around for just over 40 years!

We started the year already with a headlining appearance at the prestigious Owls 'N' Bats Festival the first weekend of January. Later we appeared in Helsingborg, Sweden, and at Dark Mad in Spain!

After a July appearance at Live Am See in Meschede we will played
for the first time ever in Colombia, Chile, and Peru. Next stop is the ULTRANIGHT POP FESTIVAL at Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Spain on September 30.


See you somewhere soon.

2022 - Like it was just yesterday...

Acoustic Winter which was initially released on Dec. 2 as a Bandcamp exclusive has been added to all streaming outlets including Spotify, Apple Music, and most of the well known outlets. It contains Goodbye Horses, Misery, and Ghost in acoustic versions with varying instruments. All taken from an abandoned attempt at an acoustic Psyche album, but who knows? Anything can be reconsidered, remixed, and renewed these days, so expect more surprises from Psyche in the future.

This time we had five times as many concerts so far than last year's three!
Intimacy was made available on vinyl, and now follows the re-release/remaster of The Influence
which is also only available at our
BANDCAMP, DISCOGS, or at our concerts.
Over the last few months many new videos have been added to the Psyche Channel on YouTube.

Also, every
BANDCAMP Friday we released something special, and have added all new T-Shirt designs that have been quite popular at our concerts, and online orders. There are few dates left this year, but 2023 has started being booked already up to May so far.

The elusive 12th album "Light Before Day" is still being researched, and hopefully you'll hear actual brand new Psyche songs before the end of time. ; )-

Be safe, and continue to enjoy our music from whatever source you have while we move on through our troubled times.



2021 - Short Term Memory

Two years into the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Somehow this year we managed two Open Air Festivals. In June we played E-Only in Leipzig. July saw us headlining at Live Am See in Meschede, In September we ended cur concerts for 2021 with the Fame Festival in Torun, Poland. So 3 times lucky and pretty exciting shows after all! While waiting for our new dates next year you can watch highlights and some complete shows here: Psyche - Live Around The World.

For Halloween we updated our mix of Cry Little Sister
and added an 80s appropriate video to YouTube, as well as including distribution to all streaming outlets for this version.

Unfortunately the vinyl release of Intimacy that we campaigned on Bandcamp has been postponed til 2022.
However rest assured that it will be delivered as the Test Pressing have been signed and are waiting to be sent out to those who pledged for this album.

We have also added new T-Shirt designs, and rare physical and digital releases available exclusively at the BANDCAMP site.

Goodbye 2020

In February last year, we had returned to Southern Germany with dates in Nürnberg, and a festival in Freiburg. Since then for the first time ever, we haven't performed a show in a whole year! Check our concerts link to see where we'll be again someday.

Due to lockdowns, and postponements we have had some fun in the studio, and recorded some cover songs under the name "Spirits of Lockdown" as well as a few other projects. Including releasing exclusive live albums on our Bandcamp site. April 2020 saw a campaign to have "Intimacy" released in it's newly Reborn format on vinyl. https://psyche.bandcamp.com/campaign/intimacy-reborn

The year before.... 2019

We celebrated the final Friday the 13th of 2019, with our release of the STENCHES soundtrack to all digital outlets. You will find it on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Napster, Deezer, TIDAL, etc.. This short Horror Film by Rob Barriales is currently touring global film festivals, and was nominated for best Fantasy Short and Score (Soundtrack) in Tokyo, Japan's Genre Celebration Festival.

Originally released for Halloween on Bandcamp. We made a video to further promote the film as it continues to make it's way through festivals all the way into 2020.
Have a look, enjoy, comment, and subscribe Psyche's Official YouTube Channel: MAKE NO MISTAKE (OUT TONIGHT)

Also, 30 years ago since this prophetic Synth-Pop tune was released.
Uncivilized has become more relevant than ever. The Dark Italo Mix by Run: courtesy of The Dynamic Master Jens Plöger has inspired a surprise new version that we put on the streaming market just before our joint tour through Germany with RATIONAL YOUTH and our appearances at the W-Festival in August.

The month of April saw the second CD of our series: UNDER THE RADAR Vol. 2
This release contains all our recent digital singles, plus many more collected cover versions and rare mixes on CD format.

We have been travelling quite a bit in the first few months of the year.
Already with a concert in Paris, a few dates in Germany and from Poland to Sweden on the StenaLine! Also, a return to WGT in Leipzig for a great show at Moritzbastei.

Just at the end of 2018, the Inside Story Mix of Riders On The Storm was made available digitally. This recording was originally released in another format by INSIDE, but the full length version with piano intro has been resurrected officially as a Psyche track.

For Halloween 2018, we released a new collaboration between Psyche & NO MORE!! entitled "Ghosts Of The Past". The Shade Factory Mix is now included on Under The Radar 2 as part of our latest volume of rarities collections on VUZ RECORDS.

The forthcoming album "Light Before Day" is still in the works, but does not have an official release date as we our still collecting ideas, and plans to eventually expand it to a double album.

Our 12" single and digital release "Youth Of Tomorrow" however does contain our first new songs in 13 years.  We have been performing this, and B-Side "Truth Or Consequence" at our recent shows, and are nearing the end of the limited vinyl run, so get your copy HERE before it's too late.

YOUTH OF TOMORROW (Official Video)

Also back from future's past...

Mystery Hotel, Psyche's legendary 3rd album turns 30 years old since it's release in February 1988!
It was the first "Synth-Pop" release for the band as we began expanding our style from our Gothic EBM roots to create the likes of "Uncivilized", and "Eternal" while still maintaining our dark side with "Nocturnal Passenger" and "The Outsider". Here is the re-release to enjoy as a double album with all the 12" Mixes and B-Sides. https://psyche.bandcamp.com/album/mystery-hotel

Further continuation with the future retro trends of the 21st century - a special Razormaid Mixes with the previously unreleased extended version of "Ecstasy" as well as a definitive new edit of Joseph Watt's mix for "Unveiling The Secret" also saw a release next on vinyl only courtesy of Emotional Rescue Records. Pre-Order here: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/psyche-razormaid-mixes/668890-01/

"Youth Of Tomorrow" / "Truth Or Consequence" are the first new Psyche songs written by Stefan Rabura and myself released on
ARTOFFACT RECORDS. Providing a taste of what to expect on Psyche's next full length album which will finally arrive after 13 years since "The 11th Hour"!!

At the same time you can discover the most obscure moment of our music by checking out the Brave New Waves sessions where we had the honour of improvising for CBC Radio and coming up with the wildest range of material previously only known to people who heard the show all those years ago. Including a rare Jazz Improv unlike anything you've heard before. Here is the video made during holidays last year in Sicily. REMEMBER HER NAME: https://youtu.be/LEGyMixKo8M

Official release: https://cbcbravenewwaves.bandcamp.com/album/psyche

For all of our releases feel free to click on the album covers here, and explore our Bandcamp site for additional physical merchandise.

Finally we have made a collection of hard to find tracks on a physical CD called "Under The Radar" by VUZ Records. This release contains many recordings that were previously only available a digital download. Your enthusiasm for continued physical releases of our music has inspired us to compile this CD just for you. https://psyche.bandcamp.com/album/under-the-radar

Your faithful guide in spirit,

Just another year ago...

Goodbye 2017

We finish off December with 3 international appearances as far and wide as Bulgaria, Belgium, and ending back in Germany.

Click on the album cover links here, you will be brought to
Bandcamp, and some other stores depending on whether the releases are digital, or physically available.

Since the passing of my brother Stephen, there has been 3 albums compiled to show every facet of creativity that he left us with on various tapes, and CDs. "Life Force" is a small wonder of synth themes, and even a couple of garage rock tunes with vocals.

Also we sold out of our limited cassette release "Nocturnal Passengers" that contained a collection of 80s live performances bootlegged from our first European Tour. The music is however forever available to download or stream from the usual suspects on the internet, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and others. Nostalgia made digital!

Speaking of nostalgia. Last year we celebrated over 30 years of synth with the re-releases of Psyche's historical first 3 albums on ARTOFFACT RECORDS. "Insomnia Theatre" (1985), "Unveiling The Secret" (1987) and "Mystery Hotel" (1988) have all been expanded to double album length including all singles, and mixes for each respective release, as well as bonus tracks added to the first two that were never released before! "Ice", "Night Watcher", "Lies", "Words Cannot Express", and "Lock The Door" make the discovery in Psyche's beginnings all the more worthwhile.
Also including previously unreleased press photos, and beautiful gatefold sleeves on vinyl.
Of course we're always playing somewhere live and are thrilled to discover new countries, and concert locations while re-arranging our playlists to keep you in suspense. Thanks for your support, and appreciation of our catalogue of Dark Synth tunes over the years. Keep your ears on, and eyes open for more to come.

During the first half of 2016 we played at ELECTRO TIME MACHINE in Valencia, Spain. Then on to the ZWISCHENFALL FESTIVAL in Bochum in May, and again back to Spain for a date with ESCAPE WITH ROMEO in Barcelona. Other highlights included a return to Paris, France for the first time in 4 years, as well a show in The Netherlands, and Stockholm, Sweden as part of an event by KLUBB DÖD. Also, the end of October brought us together for a thrilling double bill with RATIONAL YOUTH this time in Leipzig, and once again ending with a wild show at URBAN SPREE in Berlin. November saw us further joined up with friends NO MORE + THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT for a sold out KEIN KIEL! We ended this year at WAVING 80s in Bielefeld for our second midnight concert at this event since last year's trying out a new location.

During all concert activities we released a compilation of live recordings from 1987 which saw Psyche's first tour through the European continent in support of Unveiling The Secret, and Mystery Hotel. NOCTURNAL PASSENGER is limited to 50 copies on actual cassette! but also available digitally on our Bandcamp page, and now iTunes, Amazon, etc.
In addition to this special release, we joined with Eye-C Design to make exclusive Psyche brand T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Coffee Mugs, and more.

Expect a few more winter surprises just before Christmas such as these Psyche Remixes, and our Bandcamp exlusives.

Darrin duets in French with Desireless & Operation Of The Sun - Les Jardins De Babylone
A remix for  Monica Jeffries - Old Demons (Psyche Remix)
and following up My Victory, and Strength, Darrin's third collaboration with Red Industrie entitled Rebel Track

2015 remembered...

By the end of 2015 there had been a few surprise releases, starting with our collaboration with LUMINANCE creating two new songs on a 7" single with cool creepy colours, and taking the journey of synth sounds a little further with "Left Out" and "Passenger Seat". Check it out here: http://youtu.be/5e1JxRCOFTw

A special highlight of the future's past came with another fine release on Artoffact Records in the form of "Thundershowers (In Ivory Towers)" which came to mark it's 30th anniversary sounding just as fresh today as then, on limited vinyl, and forever digital.

In the last few years....

"Unforgotten Rhymes" - A Tribute to Psyche comprising of 23 tracks chosen from our albums released between 1985-2015. Fantastic interpretations from The Invincible Spirit, Echo West, Leaether Strip, Arcana Obscura, steril, Come In Peace, Future Trail, Luminance, Technomancer, EGOamp, WANTed, and many more!
 Also check iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify for the special 18 track official selection.

It's been 30 years since we released our debut album "Insomnia Theatre", and a few more years since unleashing our unique blend of Outsider Electropop live on stage. Since then, Psyche has been catagorized as Industrial, Synthpop, EBM, Techno, Minimal, Gothic, Dark Wave & Electro while always remaining true to the spirit of creating thoughtful and unique synthesizer songs and soundtracks blending with lyrics on the dark melancholic, philosophical, and romantic side of humanity.

A lot has happened since our last full length album "The 11th Hour". 10 years of touring around the world, adding countries like Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and Italy to territories we've covered, as well as having several compilations, and even a remastered new 3 LP edition of "Insomnia Theatre" on VOD Records. Also, "Re-Membering Dwayne" arrived on the US label Dark Entries as a special limited vinyl album that comes with a booklet containing pages of the official Psyche Diary written from 1982-83!

More vintage releases can be expected, we are also looking to the future with new music. Toward the end of last year "Thunderstruck" & "Underrated" - our collaboration with Canadian Electro-Pop Legends RATIONAL YOUTH was released after the two bands joined together earlier for 4 Scandinavian dates followed by 5 dates in Germany and one stop in Poland.

While we continue work on a new album, a special 12" Vinyl EP to include new versions of songs such as "Sanctuary", "Tears", "The Crawler", "Ghost", "Unveiling The Secret", and surprises is being mixed for release sometime this year.
The plan is to then have our next album to include these tracks as a bonus CD to the all new album, which is still going through title changes, so best not to name it until it's truly ready for you all to hear.

Looking back...
The beginning of 2014 saw "The Saint Became A Lush (RadicalG Rework)" become our first digital single ever which promptly climbed up the Top Ten in the German Alternative Charts (DAC). The mix is a slight update from last year's "Halloween EP (Fan Edition)" at Psyche's Bandcamp Store, and available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other services worldwide. Here's the video: http://youtu.be/f2EU80xKljg

Other highlights at the beginning of 2014 included Psyche performing  in Mexico City for the third time in the 5 years since our debut when we recorded the live album "Noche Oscura" there in 2008.

Here you will find many performances from around the world on the playlist: www.youtube.com/psyche-live
Check our updated schedule for new dates on the concerts page.

Enjoy these releases, and hope to see you around at our next shows. 3 decades going strong. Thanks for listening, coming to see us perform, and support of Psyche's music throughout the years.

Darrin C. Huss

News from 2013...

The Canadian Original LP Mix of "Insomnia Theatre" available digitally on iTunes, Amazon and co. as well.

Our "Rare Mixes & B-Sides" was released to great acclaim on Friday the 13th in September. Again exclusively to our  Bandcamp Store.This digital only collection of deleted CD-Single B-Sides, rare collaborations, and never before released mixes of songs from the 90's up to 2005 is for all to enjoy in any digital format you like. On the market as well is a new "Metal Dance" compilation by renowned DJ and artist Trevor Jackson which includes influential electronic tracks from '79-88 and features our classic "The Saint Became A Lush" in its original form with special liner notes containing details of Psyche's early story, plus the full explanation of this song for the first time ever!!

Back to 2012...

"As The Brain Collapses" on Infacted Recordings - a new collection of Psyche's  harder edged Electro-Classics from the 80's has sold out! That leaves the last of our equally limited 23rd Anniversary Edition of "The Influence" (click to listen) on Italy's Final Muzik available on CD to order until it's 1,000 copies are gone. "The Influence" originally released in 1989 has been remastered, and re-sequenced, with bonus tracks, and a proper 8 page booklet including all lyrics plus previously unseen press photos, and additional credits. These CDs are available through the links here, just click on the album cover, or send your order request directly to PSYCHE.HQ.

Worldwide shipping for up to 2 Psyche CDs is available for just €3.50. For vinyl lovers, our "All Things Pass Into The Night" EP on OPTIMO MUSIC & KOMPAKT distribution has been a smash success. The final copies were sold out at our concerts. This 12" vinyl contains a refreshed 21st Century "Goodbye Horses" extended version, renamed as it deserves to be the "Immortality Mix". Also, the never before heard 5 minute version of "Eating Violins" found recently in the archives. Plus, 1987's original Electro-Funk Monster "Prisoner To Desire" in a newly intoxicated version. To round out the experience "Contorting The Image" appears remastered from the original source material. Side B can be played at 45 RPM or slowed down to 33 1/3 for a chilling experience!

Get yourself a copy, and blast it from a good old record player!

"Until The Shadows" featuring the Joy Division cover "Disorder", and an all new recording of "Goodbye Horses"  entitled the 21st Century Mix appeared for the first time on CD on Metropolis Records. "Re-Membering Dwayne" CD version containing the early works of Psyche with Dwayne Goettel is also available on Artoffact Records.

Take a look in our shop for more articles, or click on images of the latest releases displayed here to buy!


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